The Australian War Graves

The Australian War Graves

Within the grounds of Springvale Botanical Cemetery is the Australian War Graves Garden of Remembrance.

The garden honours the veterans buried within it, as well as those with a remembrance plaque on the official Australian War Graves walls.

Australian War Graves has its own on-site administration office, with the entry housing register books which list the wall and row number of each individual plaque located on the Garden of Remembrance walls.

The Australian War Graves Gates

We are proud that Springvale Botanical Cemetery is home to the Australian War Graves. It is within these grounds that we co-host the annual RSL Remembrance Day Service together with the Returned Servicemen’s League. Each year the event brings together many community members including members of the RSL, laying wreaths in remembrance and honour of the lives of brave servicemen and servicewomen.

Remembrance Day in Australia commemorates the noble sacrifices of armed forces and civilians during times of war. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, one minute of silence is observed across the country to mark the cessation of hostilities on the Western front during WW1 following more than four years of intense and gruelling warfare.

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