Police Memorial

Police Memorial

The Police Memorial provides Police Officers, their families and friends with a private and spiritual place in which they can pay their respects.

Plaques proudly bearing each officers name who passed in the line of duty are located around a central rock with the police insignia.

Garden beds along the pathway to the Police Memorial are filled with annual flowers and Golden Holstein roses which provide lightly scented blooms in attractive clusters of yellow, wavy petals.

These beds allow for the placement of plaques and cremated remains in remembrance of police officers and their families. Lawn graves adjacent to the Police Memorial are available as the final resting place for members of the Police Force and their families.

The Police Memorial at SMCT

National Police Remembrance Day

To honour the memory of Police Officers who have given their lives in the line of duty, Springvale Botanical Cemetery hosts the official close of National Police Remembrance Day each year in September at the Police Memorial.

National Police Remembrance Day at Springvale Botanical Cemetery
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