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Springvale Botanical Cemetery - Expired Memorials

Springvale Botanical Cemetery Expired Memorials

At Springvale Botanical Cemetery, most memorial sites are held in perpetuity. This means that they have been arranged to be held for all time, so they will not expire.

However, not all memorial sites are held in perpetuity. Some will have been assigned a fixed tenure period when they were arranged, depending on when this took place. In these cases, the memorial site will eventually expire. New arrangements will need to be made when the tenure date is reached.

On this page, we will help you understand if a memorial for a family member is due to expire or has already expired, and what you can do next.

Checking if a memorial has expired

There are several ways to find out if a memorial has expired. For example:

  • If you are visiting the memorial in person, you will know if it has expired if it has had an orange sticker placed on it by one of our team
  • You can check the status of a memorial online
  • You can speak to our team

What happens when a memorial expires

When tenure expires, SMCT will attempt to reach the family so that they can make arrangements for the memorial. We also:

  • Place orange stickers on plaques at expired memorials.
  • Periodically place public notices in the Herald Sun newspaper, listing expired memorials scheduled to be disestablished. Memorials are disestablished two months after being listed in the public notice.
  • Erect signs within the grounds to encourage families to make contact.

If we are unable to make contact with the family, the expired memorial will be scheduled to be disestablished.

What you can do

If we have contacted you regarding a memorial, or if you believe that you are the holder of the right of interment for a memorial that is expiring or has expired, you can either:

  • Transfer the memorial to perpetuity (so it is held for all time), or
  • Collect the person's ashes to be memorialised in a different way.

Please contact one of our Customer Support Consultants on (03) 8558 8299 or email to discuss your options.

Understanding tenure - Important dates

The policies regarding tenure for cremation memorials have changed over the years. The following list of important dates will help you to determine if a memorial has a limited tenure, or is held in perpetuity.

Memorial purchase dateType of memorialTenure
Prior to 24 August 1955All cremation memorialsHeld in perpetuity (for all time)
Between 24 August 1955 and 31 December 1975Tree, wall niche or ground niche50 years*
Shrub or rose25 years*
Between 1 January 1976 and 5 June 1998All cremation memorials25 years**

*Tenure commences when the position is taken up

**Tenure commences from date of purchase, including reservations

Memorial purchase date

Tenure policy update
From 5 June 1998 onwardsAll families have the opportunity to transfer existing limited tenure memorials to perpetuity (for all time) and to purchase new memorials in perpetuity
From 1 July 2017All cremation memorials can only be purchased in perpetuity (for all time)

How to check the status of a memorial

The easiest way to check the status of a memorial at Springvale Botanical Cemetery is to do so online, using our Deceased Search tool.

If you would prefer, you can also contact our Customer Support Consultants on (03) 8558 8299, or by emailing

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