Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery

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Cheltenham Pioneers Cemetery is a Private Tree-Lined Cemetery

Established in 1864, Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery was Melbourne’s first cemetery within the Bayside area. It is an historic cemetery, characterised by shade, established trees and closeness to the community. The quiet lawn and gardens, offer a peaceful sanctuary for families to reflect on the lives of loved ones. Amongst the 3 hectares (5 acres) of landscaped gardens, many adorned monuments accentuate the cemeteries proud history, with Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery being the final resting place of many notable Victorians.

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery

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We understand that everyone has the right to honour life the way they choose. We offer a culturally diverse range of burial, mausoleum and cremation memorial options to help families observe traditions and ceremonies important to them.

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We understand memories are forever and Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery is a tranquil setting that provides a safe place for generations to remember those that are important to them. We are committed to the future sustainability of our gardens and continually seek new innovative ways to reduce our impact while honouring the changing needs of our diverse community.

We can also assist with the searching of records, to help locate and reunite family memorials. For convenience, an online records service is available for some locations. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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If you would like any more information or to arrange a tour of Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery, please contact one of our Customer Care team members.

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery History

Established in 1862, Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery offered the final resting place to many of Melbourne's notable bayside residents. Classically designed, with wide 1930's brick paths bordering each denominational area.

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Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery History
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