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Our History at Cheltenham Memorial Park

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Cheltenham Memorial Park History

The first burial at the new cemetery was that of Mary Ellen Payne on 27 March 1933. The original area comprised 21.9 acres and was constructed during the Great Depression at a cost of £8,666 using local unemployed men. A feature of the layout designed by FC Cook was the strong gridiron arrangement of roads and pathways contrasting with the serpentine layout of the Pioneer Cemetery. The office tower was the work of Frank Stapley, a Melbourne City Councillor and progressive town planner.

Over 55,000 interments have occurred since its opening. Between 1944 and 1952 the 20 hectares (50 acres) site was gradually increased through land acquisitions. In 1961 the first non-denominational lawn burial area was opened and wall niche memorials established.

As part of the initial plans, Cheltenham Memorial Park had allocated space for an onsite crematorium. However, due to resident opposition and the Necropolis Springvale's capacity to service the needs of the area, approval was denied.

Cheltenham Memorial Parks first mausoleum was constructed in 1996, and five mausolea were subsequently built to serve the local community.

Notable interments include:

  • Edmond John ‘Ned’ Hogan – Premier
  • Clarice Beckett - Artist
  • Trevor Barker – AFL St Kilda Football Club player
  • Ron Casey – Television and radio personality
  • Leo ‘Lucky’ Grills – Comedian
  • Mary Hardy – Television personality
  • Elaine McKenna – Singer and television personality
  • Albert Perry – Perry’s Circus proprietor
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