Our Cemeteries

Historic and iconic, the nine cemeteries and memorial parks within SMCT’s care are beautiful, tranquil and distinctive destinations in which to honour and celebrate life.

Our cemeteries vary significantly in terms of size, facilities and services offered. They also vary in terms of what we call the "Cemetery Lifecycle". This means that some locations have vast spaces with many positions available, whilst others have less space with fewer positions available.

Please download our Annual Report via Publications for a full description.

Visitor Safety Notice

Please be aware, the landscape of some of our sites may contain uneven ground, old monuments or slippery surfaces. For your safety, please exercise caution while walking through our cemeteries.

  • Please report any apparent hazards to our Customer Care Centre (03) 9546 9377, or to a member of staff, so we can take action to address them.

  • If an injury requiring First Aid occurs, please advise a staff member. If no staff member is immediately available and if the injury is serious, please call Emergency Services on 000.

  • In the case of notification of an Emergency event with the potential to affect the general public onsite, visitors are to meet at signposted Assembly Points and to follow Warden directions.

Brighton General Cemetery

Established in 1854 – 12 hectares (30 acres).

A most historic and significant cemetery in the heart of Brighton. The prestigious final resting place of eminent Victorians.

Currently available: Graves, which include the exclusive Red Brick Lawn Grave area, mausoleum crypts and cremation memorials.

Bunurong Memorial Park

Established in 1995 – 120 hectares (300 acres).

Contemporary and distinctively Australian, this progressive memorial park is beautifully landscaped with an abundance of lakes and calming water features.

Currently available: Extensive mausoleum, grave and cremation memorial opportunities.

Cheltenham Memorial Park

Established in 1933 – 20 hectares (50 acres).

A distinctive, community focused Bayside cemetery, characterised by stately palms and shaded pavilions.

Currently available: Graves, cremation memorials and new mausoleum opportunities in 2013.

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery

Established in 1865 – 3 hectares (5 acres).

An intimate and historic pioneer cemetery characterised by towering trees and closeness to the community.

Currently available: Graves and cremation memorial opportunities.

Dandenong Community Cemetery

Established in 1857 – 4 hectares (11 acres).

The final resting place of the district’s pioneers, this peaceful, rustic cemetery serves the local community with affordable opportunities.

Currently available: Graves and cremation memorial opportunities.

Melbourne General Cemetery

Established in 1852 – 43 hectares (106 acres).

Iconic, exclusive and prestigious, this historically significant cemetery is characterised by its prime location and notable interments.

Currently available: Saint Michael the Arch Angel, Saint Mary of the Cross and Gatehouse Mausoleum crypts, cremation memorials and limited grave opportunities.

Sorrento Cemetery

With an intimate ground span, the cemetery covers 8.1 acres in total with 4.4 acres still available for families wishing to honour and celebrate life within a beautiful and significant setting.

Currently Available: a range of burial and cremation memorial options to choose from.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Established in 1901 – 169 hectares (422 acres). Australia’s world-class botanical cemetery.

Magnificent, diverse, historically and culturally rich.

Currently available: Extensive grave and cremation memorials.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery is a magnificent, multi-purpose commiunity asset in which to honour and celebrate life.

It is a destination that offers world class services and facilities including Café Vita et flores (onsite café and florist). It is also the home of towering trees, abundant shade, highly landscaped gardens, striking water features and idyllic places to rest and reflect.

Press play and experience it for yourself.

St Kilda Cemetery

Established in 1855 – 7 hectares (18 acres).

Prominently located and steeped in history, this intimate and tranquil cemetery features iconic memorials in a garden oasis setting.

Currently available: Cremation memorials and limited grave opportunities.

Café Vita et flores

Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s new state-of-the-art function and administration centre has been named The Clarence Reardon Centre in honour of the cemetery’s first burial, that of baby Clarence Reardon on 20th March, 1902.

Within it, an expanded florist and gift shop and all new Café Vita et flores complete with an alfresco dining deck, have been built around a heritage listed Sugar Gum tree. A children’s playground has been incorporated, built for safety and enjoyment.

Café Vita et flores provides quality cuisine and refreshments in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Café Vita et flores is a focal point for client families and visitors and also offers a broad range of internationally inspired function menus to cater for all preferences. Tailored menus are also available.

Planning ahead

Information on planning ahead and securing positions at today’s prices in a not-for-profit community cemetery.