Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Natural and Green Burials

Natural burials, also known as 'green burials', are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional burials

The materials that are used for traditional burials are usually made out of non-biodegradable materials. This means that they cannot be broken down by the action of living organisms. However, at a natural burial site, all of the materials that are used are biodegradable, including biodegradable coffins and caskets.

This ensures these can be broken down, reducing the impact on the environment

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Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Not only are green burials more environmentally friendly, but they also give people the ability to reconnect with the earth naturally and gently.

This ensures minimal impact on the surrounding native bushland, while still providing loved ones with a beautiful place to pay their respects.

Identified and marked by trees, each burial position also gives families the opportunity to be at one with nature while visiting. Recognition options within Murrun Naroon are consistent with maintaining the area's native integrity, using only natural materials that seamlessly blend with the surrounding bushland.

At Murrun Narroon, environmental standards are followed to ensure that natural burials areas are able to give essential nutrients back to the soil. Doing this promotes life in the native Australian foliage and bushland environment.

Organic and recyclable materials are carefully selected to assist with preserving the enclosed natural ecosystem. These include:

  • Timber
  • Shroud
  • Wicker

Are carefully selected, to assist with preserving the enclosed natural ecosystem.

Murrun Naroon

Murrun Naroon, located in the beautiful Bunurong Memorial Park, offers a serene final resting place for
environmentally-conscious individuals seeking natural burials in Melbourne. This natural burial ground provides a sense of openness and connection with nature.

To speak to someone about natural and green burial options, get in touch today.

An image taken from below of a gum tree, with green leaves silhouetted against a blue sky and a glimpse of sun.

Natural Funerals at Bunurong Memorial Park

At Murrun Naroon, we believe in honouring and celebrating life while also being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. By offering natural and green burial options, we can blend our past with our present and work towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Murrun Naroon is a perfect example of this, as it allows us to offer a burial alternative to our communities. Get in touch to speak about our green burial options today.

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Bunurong Memorial Park
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