Industry Partners

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) regularly communicates with the Department of Health and enjoys a positive working relationship with the support team who provide invaluable guidance on the Act and the governance of SMCT. We work cooperatively with other cemetery trusts and industry associations and are open to exchanging information and sharing ideas.


The Trust is a member of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV). A number of SMCT employees hold key positions on the CCAV board.

Business-to-Business Partnerships

To more effectively meet the needs of our mutual client families, SMCT enjoys a close and collaborative working relationship with our business-to-business partners, which include funeral directors and monumental masons.

As a business-to-business partner with SMCT, you will be working with a client-centric, community-based organisation that is committed to providing exceptional service and guidance to the communities we serve.

The following provides helpful information for funeral directors and monumental masons and also lists our current projects and information regarding the tender process.

Funeral Directors

Information for SMCT registered funeral directors.

Monumental Masons

Information for SMCT registered monumental masons.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a not-for-profit organisation, SMCT welcomes industry partner sponsorship of our many events and initiatives.


SMCT’s current projects and important information regarding the tender process.