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Christmas Remembrance 2021

Christmas Remembrance 2021

All Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust grounds and Café Vita et flores are open every day of the year including all public holidays for your visiting, café and flower needs. For location details and opening hours, please visit this page.

Christmas Remembrance Events

We are inviting the SMCT community together for a family-friendly evening of remembrance through music, that celebrates the season and our unique grounds.

If you are unable to visit our sites over the festive period, we welcome you to leave a digital tribute for your loved ones during December.

Christmas Remembrance Events 2021

Together by the Lake

Music is a gift that has the power to bring people together and spark memories. On Thursday December 9, we warmly invite you to join us for Together by the Lake - an evening of live music and reflection at Bunurong Memorial Park.

This family-friendly event is open to all of our community. We welcome you to pick a comfortable position on the lawn by the beautiful lake Australis and enjoy the sounds of an array of local musicians. It is an opportunity to take a moment to remember those we love who are no longer with us – but who we will never forget.

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Together by the Lake 2021

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that may help answer your questions. If your query does not appear below, please contact us.

Christmas at SMCT

Every year we welcome more than 500 members of our community to our Christmas Remembrance Service. We believe in providing companionship for people journeying through grief with a peaceful, reflective and inclusive environment.

As the festive season approaches, we wish to welcome back our loyal community and open our arms to those that may need support during this time. As we navigate these challenging times, we are working to find new ways to connect as a community and honour important traditions and festive rituals.

We have created a variety of unique and interactive spaces for all to attend, acknowledge and pay tribute to their loved ones.

Grief is so human, and it hits everyone at one point or another, at least, in their lives. If you love, you will grieve, and that’s just given.

Kay Redfield Jamison

Grieving during Christmas

Grief during the holiday season can be a challenging and sensitive time for those who have lost loved ones and are journeying through grief. For some, it may be the first Christmas after bereavement. There’s no ‘right way’ to deal with grief and each person journeys through this season in their own unique way.

If you need someone to talk to, or just a comforting place to sit and reflect during this time of year or any time of the year, we encourage you to visit our Centre for Care & Wellbeing.

The Centre for Care & Wellbeing is a warm, welcoming safe haven that provides support, guidance, friendship and understanding. All who visit here receive care and comfort in a calm and homely atmosphere, with the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances.

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