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Community Engagement

SMCT actively engage with various community and cultural groups to ensure we develop an understanding of the needs, wants and preferences of the diverse communities we support.

We are a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to serving the needs of all Victorians. We are committed to active engagement and meaningful consultation with all stakeholders.

Song he Yuan Ceremony


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC), chaired by Trust member Sam Afra works with SMCT in an advisory capacity. They assist us in establishing an extensive network of community contacts and working groups while building a deep understanding of our community’s diverse range of cultural, religious and spiritual needs.

The seven voluntary members of the CAC were selected for their expertise and community involvement, including local government matters.

CAC - Community Participating in Christmas Service

Friends Groups

SMCT Friends Groups are dedicated volunteers who generously donate their time to cemetery-related initiatives.

Through their active involvement, Friends Groups, although independent, also help our communities to gain an appreciation of the history and significance of each cemetery location.

SMCT actively works with the following Friends Groups:

For further information about our Friends Groups, please contact us.

Bunurong Memorial Park Sculpture
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