Community Events

SMCT’s extensive events programme is a key part of the Trust’s commitment to community engagement, across all eight cemetery locations.

Created to meet diverse personal, religious and cultural needs, these events are embraced by our communities and are extremely well supported. Various events are also supported and held in conjunction with our industry partners.

Some event highlights:

  • During the Ching Ming Spring Offering Ceremony, which is held at the Song He Yuan area of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Buddhist families attend in groups, feasting, tending to graves and presenting offerings to their ancestors.
  • All Souls Day services, which are a traditional Roman Catholic commemoration of the all faithful departed, are held at a number of locations.
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day services are held at a number of locations for families to honour and celebrate their parent’s lives at special times of the year.
  • Melbourne General Cemetery will celebrate its 160th anniversary in 2013 and the fascinating, heritage listed Gate Lodge will again be open to the public as part of Open House Melbourne.
  • Each year in September, Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s Police Memorial hosts the official close of National Police Remembrance Day.
  • SMCT hosts a special function at the conclusion of the annual RSL Remembrance Day Service, which is held at the Australian War Graves Memorial, located at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.
  • In honour of children, families come together for the annual Children’s Christmas Remembrance service, held at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.
  • Christmas Remembrance services are also held at a number of locations.
  • Historical and botanical tours are held at both Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Melbourne General Cemetery on a regular basis.

For a full list of events, please see our community Events Calendar

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