Natural Burials at Bunurong Memorial Park

01 June 2018
Natural Burials at Bunurong Memorial Park

Find your unique way to remember within Bunurong Memorial Park’s natural burial bushland

Updated April 13 2021

We are pleased to announce that positions are now available at Murrun Naroon ‘Life Spirit’, a new and unique natural burial option positioned in a beautiful native bushland environment at Bunurong Memorial Park.

This area provides a sense of openness and the ability to reconnect with nature and give back through returning our bodies to the earth to nourish new life within a distinctly native area.

Murrun Naroon is a fresh alternative to traditional burial that focuses on recreating and maintaining the integrity of a native bushland.

A natural burial option allows for positions to be identified using trees and organic recyclable materials such as timber, that seamlessly blend within the area.

Murrun Naroon gives the ability to re-connect with the earth in a natural and gentle way, creating a unique experience that lasts beyond a lifetime. Positions at Murrun Naroon are also available as part of the Celestial natural burial package, complete with SMCT reflection space, floral arrangements and fully catered function venue.

We would be honoured to discuss your preferences with you - enquire today for a no-obligation consultation and personal tour.

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