Early invader weed management at Sorrento Community Cemetery

18 October 2021

Sightings of the Serrated Tussock (Nasella trichotoma) at Sorrento cemetery have been confirmed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire. Serrated Tussock is a species considered to be an early invader weed on the peninsula and should it become more widespread or established, has the potential to cause significant impacts to biodiversity values and to private landholder interests.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire’s approach to managing early invader weeds on the peninsula aligns with the guidelines set out in the State Government Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion (WESI), with a focus to locate populations early, engage Shire contractors to treat them using current best practice technique, and to undertake follow up monitoring to allow for treatment of any remaining individuals before they become established.

Signage in the areas to be monitored has been erected, with the program of monitoring to run from November – February.

We do not anticipate that this activity will impact our visitors, however should you have any concerns, please contact our Customer Care centre on (03) 8523 1650.

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