UPDATE | Changes to the Centre for Care & Wellbeing program

19 June 2023

SMCT is proud of the innovative and inclusive ways in which we support our community to respectfully honour the lives of their loved ones. We work with community, our partners and our colleagues to explore and balance our programs and services to best reach and support Victorian families now and into the future.

One of these innovations is the Centre for Care & Wellbeing program.

Over the past five years it has changed from a cup of tea and considered conversation to a generous partnered program at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

In those five years the needs of the broader Victorian community and demands on our beautiful sites have also changed – and we look to new ways to meet them.

From 1 July 2023, we start our transition to a tailored community care and wellbeing program with the intention to share the program more broadly.

We have committed to extending the current program scope beyond a physical presence at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. The new program will help us engage with a broader range of community members.

Moving away from a Centre-based model to a flexible, activity-based model means we can be agile and create and deliver the program our community needs – when and where they need it.

It’s an exciting change, and we look forward to creating an engaging program that extends our reach and connection with community across our sites.

Complete our confidential survey to provide your feedback on the program.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Can we stay at the Centre in between scheduled activities?

As part of the transition, we are moving away from fixed use of the current Centre facility for the care and wellbeing program. As such, the space will be shared and used for other SMCT purposes and will only be available for the community care and wellbeing program activities during scheduled times.

However, you can always wait or catch up with friends between sessions at Café Vita et flores.

What days of the week will there be activities and what type of offerings will be available?

While consultation and consideration of future programs is taking place, it is likely to include mix of physical, education and social wellbeing offerings such as a walk, exercise, coffee and chat. Session dates and times will be provided via the team and here online as they become available.

View our program and activity schedules.

Will the team be available to have personal one on one conversations?

Yes, the community care and wellbeing program team will be available via phone and email. You will likely see them in some sessions. Phone: (03) 8772 6111 Email: care@smct.org.au

Will we still be able to meet and connect socially?

Yes. There will be activities at Springvale that you can attend together. We will also continue to book a table at Café Vita et flores on Tuesdays.

Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to those you connect with to share contact details and make ongoing plans to meet. Consider extending an invitation to activities you attend outside of the cemetery.

Please read through a list of some available activities in the local area that may suit your needs and extend your community.

Please note that there is no obligation for other CCW community members to share their contact details, and that SMCT cannot provide contact details for other community members.

How can I provide feedback on these changes?

You are welcome to complete a confidential survey here or send your feedback to care@smct.org.au.

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