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All Souls Mausoleum - Update

01 July 2022


All Souls mausoleum, Springvale Botanical Cemetery's latest precinct release

Nestled on the expansive lawns of Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s south-eastern corner, All Souls promises to deliver a contemporary interpretation of a mausoleum.

This serene, light-filled space will blend its distinctly modern sensibilities with traditional cultural references – from ornate terrazzo tiling to a peaceful courtyard garden inspired by the Garden of Gethsemane.

Construction for the mausoleum is now underway, in partnership with 2Construct Pty Ltd, using a curated selection of premium materials. An expansive piece of Harcourt granite will represent the Agony Rock in the mausoleum’s garden, while marble and bluestone will adorn the floor in ornate mosaic patterns.

Progress updates and gallery

Construction of the new All Souls mausoleum
Construction of the new All Souls mausoleum

The building of the roof lantern steel frame is underway. This beautiful design for the skylight is based on the concept of a campanile (bell tower) which provides a connection of sense and importance to the floor below and allows for a subtle lighting effect of filtered light to be introduced into the space.

This gorgeous courtyard feature, known as the amphora is almost complete. In ancient Rome, olive oil was often stored in a terracotta urn called an amphora, and this is sculpture is designed to highlight the significance of oil in Christian culture.

The amphora urn is taking shape
The amphora urn is taking shape

Below is an image of a section of moulding for the striking medallions that will hang on the tiled walls of the inside galleries.

Moulding for the Inside Wall Medallions
Moulding for the Inside Wall Medallions

We are looking forward to sharing more updates on this project shortly. If you want further information or to speak with one of our customer care consultants, please call (03) 8558 8278.

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All Souls Mausoleum

The new All Souls Mausoleum at Springvale Botanical Cemetery has opened for pre-sale.

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