A memorable encounter at Bunurong Memorial Park

09 November 2022

Leading a team, mowing lawns and rescuing wildlife are all in a day's work for Scott O'Beirne, Operations Manager at Bunruong Memorial Park. Scott shares a memorable on-the-job experience below.

One of the things I love about Bunurong is the diversity of wildlife we have around the grounds. It's an amazing area that encourages flora and fauna to thrive.

Today, while helping the team out with some mowing (there’s a lot to do, I might add) I noticed a baby possum curled up against one of our signs, sound asleep. I shut down the mower and checked the little fella was breathing (not quite DRSABCD, but a version of, at least) and found he was, so I called another team member in to assist … you never know when a sleeping visitor may get nasty after all!

We picked the little guy up and checked him over, seeing no obvious injuries and the fact he came to life pretty quickly, we placed him into a nearby tree where he’d be safe from any resident predators.

A good news story for a helpless little resident!

A collage of images of the possum discovered by Bunurong Memorial Park staff
Clockwise, from top left: The baby possum, discovered sleeping against a sign; Scott checks that the possum is breathing; the possum is carefully placed back into a tree; a close-up of this adorable Bunurong Memorial Park resident.
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