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Working With Us

Working With Us

Working With Us

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) places great emphasis on employee engagement and recognises people are our greatest asset.

The key to a flourishing organisation is the ongoing commitment and development of its people. SMCT is committed to the personal development of its teams and actively works to provide innovative training programs to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

Our leadership team continue to explore ways to improve employee engagement, adopting workplace best practices that encourage equal opportunity, flexibility and high-performance. The motivation to go above and beyond when caring for our customers is a reflection of the PRIDE values instilled throughout our organisation.

Our PRIDE Values.

A pledge to our colleagues and clients that we will always act with PRIDE:

  • Passion - commitment in heart and mind
  • Respect - by valuing every voice
  • Integrity - doing what is right
  • Dedication - to the needs of our clients and our people
  • Empathy - to listen and reflect with sensitivity

SMCT provides a diverse range of career opportunities, at both a corporate and operational level. Career paths include those in Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Horticulture, Marketing, Maintenance, Information Technology, Call Centre, Food and Beverage amongst many others.

Contact us for Current SMCT Opportunities

Current SMCT Opportunities

Looking for an employer that offers a competitive salary, flexible working arrangements and an industry leading working environment?

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