To enhance open communication between SMCT and all stakeholders, a variety of publications are produced both annually and on a regular basis. To view our publications please click on their title below.

SMCT Regulatory Impact Statement

This Regulatory Impact Statement has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994. Its purpose is to inform interested parties regarding a proposal to make new regulations. Comments are invited and should be addressed to:

The Director of Finance and Business Services
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
PO Box 1159
Clayton Victoria 3169
or by email to
by 5pm on 13 March 2015.



2014 Annual Report - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

FY 2013/14 has borne witness to yet another year of significant achievement for our organisation.

SMCT Corporate Governance Framework

SMCT is managed in an accountable and responsible way through an effective Corporate Governance Framework.

SMCT Strategic Plan

With a focus on the future, SMCT has developed a five year Strategic Plan with nine overarching strategic priorities.

SMCT Stakeholder Engagement Charter

Our commitment to active engagement and meaningful consultation with all stakeholders.

SMCT Planning Ahead Booklet

This booklet explains the many benefits of planning by securing locations ahead of time.

Taking care of historically significant monuments

This conservation document provides guidance for proper protection of historic monuments.