End-of-Life Matters Workshops

We are introducing a new program of sensitive, practical and enjoyable workshops to help you contemplate and plan your end-of-life matters.

End-of-life Matters – Workshop Details

The workshops will build your knowledge, skills, and comfort levels to face the big questions and what you want for yourself and loved ones. The premise is that we will live better lives now if we can be informed and open about what we want later. Our End-of-Life Matters program’s goal is to celebrate life by helping you to prepare for every stage of it.

These informative, inclusive workshops offer a safe place to work through what you want in the supportive company of others. Topics include; writing your story with MYLifebook, creating rituals and ceremonies, developing a 'bucket list' and life letter and an introduction to Advance Care Planning amongst others.

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MYLIFEBOOK – Getting Started, Story Telling

Our lives are a series of stories from which we create meaning and purpose. Stories are at the heart of human existence. This workshop will provide an opportunity to use our hearts and minds to consider the story of our lives and begin the experience of writing in ways that are meaningful and appropriate for you to tell your life story.

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Rituals and Ceremonies (in a Secular World) - Reclaiming Rites

Rituals and ceremonies serve to memorialise and acknowledge life. They are beneficial in noting significant life events, such as the death of a loved one, and ordinary occurrences, such as the change of seasons, retiring or when your final child moves out of home!

In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to explore the importance of rituals and ceremonies. You will also learn how to create personal rituals and ceremonies that reflect your values and lifestyle for any occasion. This workshop will help you develop the confidence to put in place, and share with others, your wishes and new rituals.

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The Conversation Project - Part 1 and 2

These workshops are designed to help you identify your end-of-life wishes. You will join a small group to explore your values as a basis for your wishes and gain practical tips on how to discuss these with your loved ones. We will meet on two occasions to develop our wishes and confidence and then come back to share our experience and support one another in our goals. We will use the Conversation Project resources (US) to guide our conversations.

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Advance Care Planning - let’s get started

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is now receiving a great deal of support and publicity as it is widely known that people who complete an ACP have greater peace of mind and reduces stress for family members at the time of a health crisis. Every person should have an ACP and this workshop will help you get started with the issues relevant to you and the confidence to complete your personal ACP.

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MYLIFEBOOK: plan a funeral and final resting place

This workshop will provide you with knowledge and confidence to plan a funeral and resting place for yourself or loved one. Delivered in a sensitive and thoughtful way, you will learn about options and then reflect and consider these to suit you or your loved one’s personal style and personality.

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Living and Dying Well – an opportunity to learn, contemplate and value life

An opportunity to explore the deeper questions about living and dying so that we may value life and live well.

"I am going to find out what death means because it is as important as living."" — KRISNAMURTI

This workshop will provide an immersive experience and an opportunity to explore our mortality. We will overcome our fears through music, breath and other means, visit parts of our cemetery, and most importantly, contemplate our values to live well.

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