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Children’s Christmas Remembrance Online Service 2020

Watch the Children's Remembrance Service

Order of Service

Download the Order of Service here.

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The service will start at the scheduled time on this page. You are welcome to comment throughout the service, but please be respectful of others.

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Each year, the Children’s Remembrance Service at Springvale Botanical Cemetery provides an opportunity for us to come together to care for each other as a community. It is a special community event to honour the saddest loss of all, that of a child. It is also a chance to assure you that in your journey through grief, you are not alone.

Due to the Government’s social distancing restrictions, this year, we will be conducting our Children’s Remembrance Service online, in partnership with Allison Monkhouse. We understand the added distress these restrictions are placing on families, and our hearts are with you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online Children’s Remembrance Service on Sunday 6 December.

Share Your Message

The hanging of personal messages of love on our Christmas tree is a highlight each year for many. If you can't attend in person, we can hang a special Christmas star that can be personalised and placed on our tree.

You can email our team at who can assist with writing your message and placing your star on our tree.

Remember with Flowers

With visiting in person not possible for so many, we are providing other ways to support the community. Our florist team have created a number of beautiful floral arrangements, available for delivery to grave & memorial sites of loved ones.

Explore Flowers

Additional Names

As hard as we try to include everyone, some names and messages may not make it into the service in time. These loved ones are no less cherished, so we include them below:

Martina Miracle ZengbeanAs this time goes by we remember you with immense love and happinesses. You’re never forgotten and will always be remembered. As this year comes to an end, we celebrate the life that you had with us and all the precious moments we got to share with you. Not only did you bring joy into our lives, you left us with memories that are unforgettable and moments we hold dear to our hearts. You now have a little brother who will learn about your existence in our lives and how much impact you had on us. Our love for you will continue until we meet again.

Love Mum, Dad, Aunty Tina and Hezekiah
Michael Freeman
Remy Bhahoo
Ryan James Souter
Blake Samuel Rosse
Maya Louise Cormick
If you would like further information in relation to our Children's Christmas Remembrance Online Service or any other SMCT event, please email our events team at or call us on 0429 537 100 during standard office hours.