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Remembrance Service

Ching Ming

Location Springvale Botanical Cemetery, 600 Princes Highway, Springvale, Victoria, 3171

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Important Ching Ming Festival Announcement

Update 3/4/2020: We understand the importance of providing information for families through this challenging time. For this reason, we have confirmed with the Victorian Government that family members are to adhere to the stay at home public health directions. We have a responsibility for the health and safety of our community, partners and employees. We will continue to work with other government services who are responsible for enforcing these essential public health directives.


At this time and in line with the Victorian Government directives we respectfully require families to refrain from coming on-site as part of the Ching Ming festival. With no Ching Ming Dharma service available this year, we have reached out to the Fo Guang Shan, Yun Yang and Bright Moon temples to provide ancestor and client family blessings.

現下,根據維多利亞州政府的指示,我們恭敬地要求各個家庭切勿外出,參加即將到來的清明節現場活動。由於今年不舉行晴明法會(Ching Ming Dharma ),我們已聯繫佛光山寺、雲陽寺和明月寺為先人和客戶的家庭祈福。

We appreciate the cultural significance of the Ching Ming Festival and our wishes are with everyone through these unprecedented times.


In honour of the Ching Ming Festival, our florist has designed several unique floral arrangements which are available for pre-purchase online with delivery to grave & memorial sites. If you would like further information on these, please visit our online store or call our florist team on (03) 8523 1690.

我們的花店專為清明節設計了幾款獨特的款式,可在網上預購,並直接送達墓地和紀念地。慾進一步了解詳情,請登陸我們的線上網店 或致電 (03) 8523 1690聯繫花店店員。


Ching Ming Floral Arrangements
Order Ching Ming Floral Arrangements Online 線上訂購清明節花束

Floral Arrangements specially designed for our community for the season of Ching Ming.


Option 1: Ching Ming small arrangement - $40

選項 1:
清明小花束 - $40

Option 2: Ching Ming disbud sheath - $60

清明菊花束 - $60

Option 3:
Ching Ming large arrangement - $80

選項3: 清明大花束- $80

Please read the COVID-19 Public Notice before coming on-site.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

600 Princes Highway, Springvale, Victoria, 3171

The main cemetery entrance is via Princes Highway, with alternative access available from Police Road.

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