Communities and Stakeholders

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to serving the needs of our communities.

To this end, we are genuinely committed to active engagement and meaningful consultation with all stakeholders.

At SMCT, the communities we serve are our number one priority and we live by our Values. We actively engage with various community and cultural groups to ensure we develop an understanding of their needs, wants and preferences.

SMCT enjoys a positive relationship with the support team at the Department of Health who provide invaluable guidance on the Act and the governance of SMCT. We also enjoy a collaborative working relationship with funeral directors and monumental masons to ensure our combined services meet the needs of our mutual client families.

Community Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice and guidance regarding our community engagement and participation responsibilities.

Stakeholder Engagement Research

With stakeholder engagement a key strategic priority, SMCT commissioned specific stakeholder focused research.

Southern Ageing Forum

This forum was formed following an engagement between SMCT, municipalities and industry bodies with the aim of supporting the ageing population in our community.

Religion and Culture

SMCT strives to develop a deep understanding of specific cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs within our communities.

Community Events

SMCT’s extensive Community Events programme is a key part of our commitment to community engagement.

Friends groups

SMCT’s Friends groups are dedicated volunteers who generously donate their time to cemetery-related initiatives.

Presentations, Tours and Facilities

At the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, we embrace the opportunity to come out and speak to community groups or to arrange for groups to come to our locations for presentations and tours.