Behaviour and conduct at SMCT Locations - Pokémon Go

Public visitation and appropriate conduct across Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust locations.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) locations are public places and therefore all members of the public are welcome and indeed encouraged to visit.

These locations are also spaces which many people visit to respect and honour their relatives; as such SMCT strives to ensure that the conduct of visitors is appropriate at all times.

All SMCT staff are aware of the requirement for visitors to display appropriate conduct and behaviour, and, in the interests of the general public, are able to politely request that visitors leave if their behaviour is not appropriate.

There has been media attention recently about the Pokémon Go game, which is a mobile app.

It has come to our attention that people may visit SMCT locations for the purposes of the Pokémon Go game.

Please note that any visitor to SMCT locations who is disruptive will be respectfully requested to leave as this is not congruent with appropriate conduct for cemetery and memorial park visitation.