Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust wins at the City of Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards

City of Greater Dandenong _0000_SMCT - Wins Sustainability Award - 2016 City of Greater Dandenong _0001_SMCT - Wins Sustainability Award - 2016 City of Greater Dandenong _0002_SMCT - Wins Sustainability Award - 2016

This has been achieved in the Sustainable Development category, for the ground breaking development of the Clarence Reardon Centre at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

The Centre, which opened in August 2014, was $12 million investment in community facilities by SMCT at our largest site, the Springvale Botanical Cemetery, which is visited by millions of Victorians each year.

It comprises Café Vita et flores, multipurpose function rooms and the corporate headquarters for SMCT.

The Clarence Reardon Centre is a leading example of sustainable design, with environmentally friendly features including the extensive use of solar panels and natural light, high-efficiency air-conditioning units complemented by natural ventilation, rainwater tanks and preferred building materials.

SMCT commissioned Architects GHD Woodhead (GHD) with the design brief for innovation in sustainability and best practice environmental performance.

This design excellence applied to the construction and engineering has created a carbon neutral building that is a local leader in sustainable design and operation. 

The innovation in sustainability has been achieved through the design excellence of Architects GHD, including: solar panels, mechanically assisted natural ventilation, a mix of high-efficiency chilled beams and chilled water fan air-conditioning units, building fabrics designed to optimise thermal performance and reduce energy consumption, installation of rainwater tanks and the use of environmentally preferred materials.

Construction of this $12 million state-of-the-art building commenced in July 2013, with Occupation in August 2014.